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Deep sea mining and the Blue Economy

Principia Scientific 07 Jun 2022
environmental-impact The hunt for mineral rich polymetallic nodules around the deep abyssal sea beds will also release carbon trapped in sediments by drilling which will influence ocean acidification, and causesuffocation and damage to complex and delicate ecosystems in the deep-sea biome.

Otago woman builds solar powered vehicle

RNZ 30 May 2022
It all started when some people taunted Penwarden about using a petrol car when she joined protests against deep-sea drilling in the Southern Ocean ... in our ocean – it’s really them that motivated me to just let them know that they’re not really needed, we can do this stuff.”.

'Grossly insufficient': Big oil and gas move ahead on dozens of 'carbon bombs'

Castanet 25 May 2022
Among the projects set to proceed are dozens of so-called "carbon bombs" — mega-projects that in Canada include the Cold Lake oil sands project and the Bay du Nord plan to drill deep into the ocean floor off Newfoundland and Labrador, according to David Tong, author of the report and a researcher with Oil Change International.

Global warming speeds up currents in the ocean's abyss

Phys Dot Org 25 Mar 2022
University of Sydney scientists have used the geological record of the deep sea to discover that past global warming has sped up deep ocean circulation ... Scientific ocean drilling data collected over half a century have generated a treasure trove from which to map deep sea currents.

Stillwater science encounter to explore Earth’s secrets

The Journal Record 11 Mar 2022
A 40-foot replica of an advanced research vessel capable of drilling holes deep beneath the ocean floor will “set sail” soon for Stillwater ... .

Deep-sea mining could begin next year. Here’s why ocean experts are calling for a moratorium.

Grist 07 Mar 2022
Drazen also warned that seabed mining could potentially exacerbate climate change by disrupting carbon sequestration dynamics in the deep ocean ...It’s a very simplistic argument to say the only route to reduce carbon emissions is by mining the deep ocean.” ... It’s very possible that companies could begin drilling in the deep ocean before U.N.

What can be found deep in bowels of Earth?

Korea Times 23 Feb 2022
Sadly, Project Mohole proved to be unsuccessful, with the deepest hole drilled being 183 meters below the ocean floor. Still, it was a victory in showing how drilling a hole in the deep sea floor provides a feasible way of generating geological samples.

Environmentalists Protest Calling for End to Deep Sea Mining

The Maritime Executive 10 Feb 2022
Protestors from Ocean Rebellion yesterday sought to highlight their demands by demonstrating alongside a vessel called Hidden Gem, owned by a Dutch-Swiss partnership Allseas which is working with Canadian company The Metals Company to prepare the deep-sea drilling ship for a new role in ocean mining.

Why did ocean productivity decline abruptly 4.6 million years ago?

Science Daily 18 Jan 2022
By drilling deep down into sediments on the ocean floor researchers ...

Scientists warn a critical ice shelf in Antarctica could shatter within the next five years

Henry Herald 15 Dec 2021
... found the ocean floor is deeper than scientists previously thought, with deep passages allowing warm ocean water to melt the underside of the ice ... Davis and his team used hot water to drill access holes from the surface of the ice shelf and deep into the ocean cavity underneath.

Getting in a spin: Risso's dolphins perform impressive twisting dives that let them 'drill' through ...

The Daily Mail 01 Dec 2021
To gobble up fish, squid and crustaceans that live more than 1,970 feet deep in the ocean, Risso's dolphins 'drill' through the water using a twisting dive technique ... To gobble up fish, squid and crustaceans that live more than 1,970 feet deep in the ocean, Risso's dolphins (pictured) 'drill' through the water using a twisting dive technique.

COP26: Capitalism’s Only Plan for Climate Is Collapse

Consortium News 11 Nov 2021
Australia, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, the U.S., Norway, the U.K., Brazil and Myanmar plan to drill over 500 oil & gas wells between now and the end of 2022 ... Total and ExxonMobil are in a contest to drill the deepest well ever in the ocean (Total is going for 3628m deep in Angola, and ExxonMobil is going for 3800m deep in Brazil).

New Zealand scientists to drill kilometer-deep hole under Antarctic ice for research 10 Nov 2021
10 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand scientists are preparing to drill a kilometer deep into the ocean floor below the Antarctica's largest Ross Ice Shelf to discover if cutting greenhouse gas emissions can help avoid catastrophic melt of the ice on the continent ... ocean and starts to float.

Floating Wind Farms Are About to Transform the Oceans

The Atlantic 04 Nov 2021
(Photograph by Kyle Johnston for The Atlantic) That same year, two French naval architects, Dominique Roddier and Christian Cermelli, came to Weinstein with an idea for a small, nimble platform, or Minifloat, that could be hauled to previously off-limits places for deep-ocean oil drilling.

Drop in atmospheric CO2 caused cooling during the age of the dinosaurs

Phys Dot Org 13 Sep 2021
... ocean basins, major biodiversity crisis, and massive changes in wind and precipitation patterns ... In the study, published this week in Nature Communications, the researchers analyzed deep sea sediments obtained by the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) from offshore Antarctica.

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